Pre-Construction Services

Much of the success in construction and remodeling happens in the planning stages. At Cullen Custom Homes, we have learned through years of experience that the three critical areas of the pre-construction phase are:

Delivering Detailed Proposals

When we say “detailed,” we mean it. Every aspect of the project is considered and assessed during this time. Based on your vision and our recommendations, we’ll create a proposal that works for your budget and timeline. Our state of the art construction suite software allows us to clearly define costs and determine an accurate completion date for your project.

Design Consultation

We’ll discuss your ideas, ask you lots of questions, and take notes, photos and measurements as needed. We’ll turn your simple sketch into a complex blueprint that takes every aspect of the project into consideration.

Value Engineering

This is one of the reasons our clients love to work with us. Value engineering is the process of delivering exceptional work in the most economical manner possible, without ever sacrificing the quality and craftsmanship you expect for your home.


Now that you know what’s involved in the pre-construction phase, let’s move on to our Construction Services.

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